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V’nislach L’Chol Adat from the 2015 Alternative Kol Nidre Service at Beth El, La Jolla

Original setting of the Hashkivenu prayer from the Machzor. Played at the September 22, 2015 Alternative Kol Nidre Service of Congregation Beth El in La Jolla, CA. Musicians include Roberta Winston, soloist; Yochanan Sebastian Winston, bass flute, director and composer; Mark Danisovsky, piano; Ben Graubart, violin; Erdis Maxhaleku, cello and Joe McNalley, contrabass. The piece is ASCAP and all rights are reserved. If you’re interested in performing the piece, just send me a message or an email and we can get you the music.

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Hey everyone. I’m gong to shut this site down in a few days:

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A prayer for peace…

Happy September, everyone.  As I look around this jacked up world, I just would like to share this performance of R. Carlebach’s “L’ma’an Achai”, a prayer for peace for ALL people.  Hope you enjoy it.  Please feel free to share the link.