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What a Valentine’s Day!

This year (2015), I played an engagement party in Del Mar for Valentine’s Day.  So romantic!  I’ll most likely be playing their Jewish wedding in June, either with my chamber music quartet “Sebastian With Strings” or solo with “SoloYo.”  I used to get down playing lots of weddings, much preferring concerts, recording sessions, corporate entertainment and doing instrumental synagogue services, but now I really enjoy them.  I think it’s because I’ve gotten more mature and can see the time coming when my own children will be standing under a chuppah.  Anyway, mazel tov to the beautiful couple and happy families!

15.0214 Stein - 1 15.0214 Stein - 2

Every Crying Mother

I composed Every Crying Mother in response to two events The winter after my first child, Sarah, was born, Sarajevo became a contested battleground. The entire civilian population was buffeted by war, disease and starvation. A mourning mother was shown on TV cradling her dead baby who had been mortally wounded when a rocket hit the marketplace. At that moment it struck me that the pain of a mother’s loss was worse than any other imaginable. This song is dedicated to every mother who has ever lost a child. May Sarah, Rachel, Jordan and my wife Roberta never feel the pain of that woman in the marketplace.