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Wonderful concert series with the Hutchins Consort

Had an amazing weekend playing four concerts in three days with the world famous Hutchins Consort. Irvine, two shows in Encinitas and one in Santa Monica. Included standards arranged for THC (Vivaldi’s “Spring,” Ravel’s “Tzigane” featuring Chris Woods), Lili Boulanger’s remarkable “Un matin de Printemps” for flute and orchestra as well as four original Jimmy’s Schmendrix tunes arranged for the Schmendrix and THC. Big fun. Thanks to all of the members of THC led by Joe McNalley, as well as Lynn Willard, and Barry Wood and Mike French, recording engineers. Future audio posts will be up soon.


Wave at Vi

Wave at Vi at La Jolla Village Square

Played a nice gig last week with Tommy Gannon and Joe McNalley at Vi at La Jolla Village. Here’s a short video clip. Hope you like it!


More for the old folks…

Here’s recent, impromptu video I took of Moonlight Serenade that I played the other day at Vi. Hope you like it. Please excuse the flubs.


Hey, It’s A Living (kind of…)


Playing an Oktoberfest gig with Joe Dyke and Joe McNalley at the Quad Alehouse for the owner’s birthday party. All three of us graduated from the illustrious (a-hem) Music Department of UCSD. You too can get a Ph.D. in Music from there and do lame gigs for not much money!!!!


Inspired and inspiring gig at the Hard Rock in San Diego

14.1221 Handler, Hard Rock 8


Beautiful wedding in San Marcos

14.1019 Levy 1


Leading a smoking hora at a wedding reception last weekend

14.1019 Levy 4


Free Kol Nidre Alternative Service tonight!

Here’s a pic from our dress rehearsal last night at Beth El.  Service starts at 8:45 in the Sanctuary of Congregation Beth El, 8660 Gilman Dr., La Jolla, CA 92037.  Free admission and parking.  Hope to see you there tonight.  In any event, g’mar hatimah tova to you and yours.

14.1002 Kol Nidre Rehearsal 2


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Alternative Kol Nidre Service – Come join us! #kolnidre, #synagoguemusic, #instrumentalsynagogueservice, #jewishmusic, #jazz, #yochanansebastianwinston, #themusicdoctor, #sandiegomusic, #jewishjazz, #bassflute, #congregationbetheloflajolla.


5th Friday’s Debut Service this Friday at Beth El of La Jolla!!!!!