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Beautiful wedding in San Marcos

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A prayer for peace…

Happy September, everyone.  As I look around this jacked up world, I just would like to share this performance of R. Carlebach’s “L’ma’an Achai”, a prayer for peace for ALL people.  Hope you enjoy it.  Please feel free to share the link.


Every Crying Mother

I composed Every Crying Mother in response to two events The winter after my first child, Sarah, was born, Sarajevo became a contested battleground. The entire civilian population was buffeted by war, disease and starvation. A mourning mother was shown on TV cradling her dead baby who had been mortally wounded when a rocket hit the marketplace. At that moment it struck me that the pain of a mother’s loss was worse than any other imaginable. This song is dedicated to every mother who has ever lost a child. May Sarah, Rachel, Jordan and my wife Roberta never feel the pain of that woman in the marketplace.

TBT – L’Esprit (1985): #SanDiego’s foremost #weddingceremony music group back in the day

With Donna Caruso, Renata Bratt and #yochanansebastianwinston
With Donna Caruso, Renata Bratt and #yochanansebastianwinston
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