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Professional musician - flutist, saxophonist, composer, conductor. Currently free lance in Southern California, faculty at San Diego City College as well as private teaching, lead various jazz, classical, Jewish, Klezmer and dance/wedding bands. Father of two, step dad to one.

Wonderful concert series with the Hutchins Consort

Had an amazing weekend playing four concerts in three days with the world famous Hutchins Consort. Irvine, two shows in Encinitas and one in Santa Monica. Included standards arranged for THC (Vivaldi’s “Spring,” Ravel’s “Tzigane” featuring Chris Woods), Lili Boulanger’s remarkable “Un matin de Printemps” for flute and orchestra as well as four original Jimmy’s Schmendrix tunes arranged for the Schmendrix and THC. Big fun. Thanks to all of the members of THC led by Joe McNalley, as well as Lynn Willard, and Barry Wood and Mike French, recording engineers. Future audio posts will be up soon.


New review on San Diego Story


Jazz Mastery on Display at the Athenaeum

Michael Blake at Ath

Purple Schmutz video on YouTube – Jimmy’s Schmendrix

Purple Schmutz ( –

Live performance on April 11, 2015 at the Encinitas Public Library with Yochanan Sebastian Winston, Mark Danisovsky and Joe McNalley